Canisius Mbarushimana

Canisius was born as the oldest of 4 in Kigali, Rwanda where he lived and attended both his primary and secondary studies. After scoring among the top 50 in the national exams ending secondary studies (High School), he was granted the Rwandan presidential scholarship which allowed him to do his undergraduate at Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas in Chemistry. During his years at Lyon College, he took advantage of their study abroad program and did a semester at the University of Poitiers in France, and had a chance to travel around Europe.
Upon graduation, Canisius visited and decided to continue his graduate studies at The University of Alabama where he is currently doing research in Rupar group on creating and developing new polymerizations for bioactive polymers. In his free time, Canisius enjoys playing basketball, soccer, ping pong, music, traveling.892086_4998412273018_1983424701_o