Group Members

The boss


Post-doctoral Researchers 

Dr. Chandan Giri
Dr. Chandan Giri

Visiting Scientists 


Dr. Nagarajan Veeraputhiran

Graduate Students
Jen Yu Chang

DJ McEachern
DJ McEachern

Michael Pennington

Taoguang Qu

Sarah Sisk

Keith Watson


Undergraduate Students

Sloane Stabenow

Former Graduate Students
Dr. Ian Adams (2017), Research Scientist, Georgia-Pacific, Neenah iNNOVATION institute)
Dr. Pierre Canisius Mbarushimana (2018), Senior Chemist, Jordi Labs
Christian Thomas (2018)
Dr. Hongda Cao (2019), Postdoctoral Researcher with Prof. Megan Robertson, University of Houston
Dr. Steven Joel Cassidy (2018), Advanced Engineering Chemist, Southern Research
Dr. Louis “Chip” Reisman (2019), Postdoctoral Researcher with Prof. Marc Hillmyer, University of Minnesota

Former Undergraduate Students
Mallory Smith (2015), Graduate School at Texas A&M)
Michael Bautista (2017) Graduate School at Carnegie Mellon
Elizabeth Rowe (2019), Chemical Engineer in the Department of Scale up and Process Innovation, Eastman
Aimee Nystrom (2019), Environmental Engineer for the NC Division of Air Quality
Alexandra Andreen (2019)
Noroh Samad (2019), Graduate School at UA